"The term "congruent life" seems like a buzz phrase . . . until you meet Archie. He is the real deal -- his wisdom and manner and friendship have a positive effect on everyone who knows him. He doesn't just 'Walk his talk" -- he's a veritable Triathlete of his talk!"
Dan Catlett, Senior Program Analyst, FEMA




"Over the top best teaching I've ever experienced in 30 years in the military."   "The most amazing class in the session. Completely and totally immersed me and got me to open up my heart to new things trust, patience, friendships, thinking outside the box. The list goes on. This man should visit every federal agency once a year to bring together the people of the government who have so sadly drifted into negativity and turmoil. He is so inspiring and grounding. Truly an amazing experience."   "Archie's talents could be utilized and need to be seen and heard on a national/world level and extend far beyond WMDC. WMDC is lucky to have him, but this man need's his own television show."   "The experiences and information communicated by the instructor has changed my entire approach to managing my organization."   "Where do I begin? Archie extends beyond the classroom to tapping into a very spiritual and emotional component of the individual."   "Simply awesome. Bravo!!!"   "Great!!"   "Just plain AWESOME! Very valuable, makes us remember that this should be fun as well and that we are all in it together."   "Archie was awesome. Everyone should take his course."   "A gem... this brought together so much of what we had been putting together in the classroom."   "Archie is fantastic!!!! (And so was Eric.)"   "Brought real emotion into the class. I think his passion for his work is key to his success."   "Loved this class, very memorable."
Comments from federal government participants on September 25, 2013 in Aurora, Colorado, Management Development Seminar




"Archie Tew has helped Mattress Firm immensely over the last 5 years of our relationship. Archie introduced our leadership team to concepts like a High Performance Culture, the Choices we make and their impact on the world around us, and how our Four Fatal Fears have impact on our daily lives. We are a better communicating, more connected, and infinitely more effective team than we were prior to our involvement with Archie. We have been on a VERY fast growth pattern through mergers and acquisitions over the last 2 years, and the lessons Archie has introduced to us have helped with every single one of the acquisitions. In fact, any time we have a large acquisition, the first call that I make is to Archie to come in and run an integration event for us…in my opinion he is the best in the world! I genuinely value the relationship that I’ve personally been able to build with Archie over the years and look forward to much more involvement in the future. "
Corey Ludens, Director of Learning & Development, Mattress Firm, Inc.




"I have known Archie Tew since 1993. We have worked together in three companies in multiple countries including Asia and Europe. Archie is the most talented experiential leader and teacher I have even known. We worked together while I was CEO at Collins and Aikman Floor Coverings, Interface Inc, and Simmons Bedding. Archie is selfless, intelligent, and very hard working. He knows how to bring out the best in people, and he quietly and correctly lead teams toward great outcomes. His global experience and amazing style separate him from all others."
Charlie Eitel, Partner, Eitel & Armstrong




"During the last several months, Mr. Tew worked closely with the Response Directorate and employees from across the nation to fully understand and assess the nature of our strengths and challenges. Additionally, he spent the time to become familiar with our program policies and doctrine. This up-front analysis ensured the recommendations and training solutions presented were catered specifically for both agency needs, as well as the individual employee. The alignment of program policy, with Mr. Tew’s experiential learning practices strongly reinforced the importance of teamwork, accountability, and self-awareness as fundamental aspects of crisis leadership. This type of insight and dedication is unprecedented, and directly increased our response team’s capabilities to meet disaster survivor needs and execute the mission. Of particular interest and perhaps the most important reasons why FEMA continues to work with Mr. Tew are his dedication, enthusiasm, and pride in his line of work. The passion radiates in every aspect of what he does, and because he is such a dynamic facilitator, it greatly increases the student’s interest and willingness to learn."
Daniel Stevens, Operations Training Coordinator, Dept. Homeland Security, FEMA Response Directorate




"Archie is one of the most genuine, inspiring people I have ever had the pleasure of working with. His insight into the human spirit enables him to quickly connect and gain the trust of every member of the group. This provides the opportunity for true self-reflection and personal growth on both the individual and team levels. Archie's enthusiasm and engaging personality guarantees that each and every session he facilitates will be highly interactive and focused on the specific needs of the participants. His extensive knowledge of experiential learning enables him to design and deliver programs that provide highly insightful and memorable experiences. I truly enjoy working with Archie and highly recommend him."
Isabelle Murphy, Principal at QMS, Quintessential Management Solutions, LLC




"I thought I would drop a note of thanks to you for sharing your wonderful spirit and keen insight into human behavior, especially in the areas of fear and forgiveness. You made a lasting impact on me during those sessions, so much so that I have used much of what you taught me in my family relationships, my faith formation kids class at church, and with God. I still remember the stories we shared that night in Houston and always will. I am going through a period of discernment right now as God is calling me to dedicate more of my time to helping and encouraging others in anyway I can, beyond just making more money in the corporate race we call work. I don't know you well Archie, but when I think about whom I would like to model my "second half" after, you are one of the inspiring people that come to my mind."
Mike Marrie, VP information Technology, Francesca's Collections




“Without question, Archie is the most superb facilitator and experiential trainer I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. His style is a perfect blend of personality, knowledge and competence and I marvel at his ability to gently lead others. He is simply amazing!"
Kathy Knowles, Office of Faculty Development - Coordinator, Healthcare Leadership Academy, University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Medicine




“Archie is one of the very few people that I will and have pro-actively recommended. Archie is one of a kind - humble, inspirational and a very talented professional that can support you and your organization through development challenges and initiatives."
Maija Langendonk, Director of Diversity and Global Inclusion, Cargill, Inc.




"The true testament of his coaching value is hearing participants say (program after program) that they just completed a life-changing experience and can’t wait to learn more!"
Michele Leahy, Associate Customer Programs Manager, Emerson Network Power/Avocent




"Archie Tew did a masterful job facilitating the session with a leadership training program for a group of highly educated health care professionals. His constant and reassuring presence created a supportive and safe environment that allowed the participants to be open with the group. Further, his thoughtful explanations and debriefings drew meaning from the experiential exercises. Finally, his personal flair created a fun environment for serious work."
David A. Rogers, MD, MHPE - Senior Associate Dean for Faculty Development - Professor of Surgery, Medical Education and Pediatrics - Co-Director, Healthcare Leadership Academy, University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Medicine




What Clients Say

"Excellence. He believes everything he's saying and creates an environment for the group that is safe to open up in and explore. It's not just a job, it's who he is and he doesn't just come across as caring, he actually does."
"Tremendous program. You are one of the most talented, knowledgeable, and effective people I have ever met."
"Archie, I believe, is a gift to the world. There are too few people who can lead, teach, follow, excite, and infuse a sense of wonder as he does."
"I've been in the training business for a long time and I must share with you that I stand in awe of your skills as a facilitator. I am amazed at your ability to communicate one-on-one with people in times of great noise, stress and anxiety."
"Instructor was great; knew the material and had an enthusiasm that was persuasive.  Topic and content very relevant."
"Archie played an integral part in probably my single most significant life experience since my children's births."
"We achieved what we wanted to achieve from both a business and a personal perspective. It was a remarkable experience working with Archie."
"Archie is one of the most talented, knowledgeable and effective people I have ever met."
"Wonderful! One of the most transformative experiences I have had in quite some time."
"Archie is amazing! He has quite the talent for engaging people and encouraging people to stretch outside their comfort zone."
"Archie is a great facilitator and handled this diverse group very well."
"Thank you for the path of discovery you led yesterday.  Your approach to learning meshes very well with my personality and lifestyle.  It was a refreshing change from the usual presentation styles."
"The learning outcomes were tremendous. In many ways, I am still working through some of the concepts we discussed and experienced. Archie was awesome."
"Archie provided excellent team building experiences while allowing us to learn about fellow participants in the program."
"Brilliant. Very honest, open and enriching."