Archie’s Four Areas of Expertise

Our deepest and most sustained learning comes from the experience of doing; doing things well and not so well. The trick is to be awake in that experience, to reflect on the experience and finally to learn from the experience. I partner with the most talented experiential facilitators in the business to create, design and deliver powerful indoor and outdoor experiential learning events. These events directly relate to the issues and challenges that we all face in both our personal and professional lives.

Indoor Experiential Learning: Looks for the “teachable moment”. It replicates our life and work environment. It is used as a foundation for self reflection and honest discussion that is supported by curriculum and philosophy that teaches invaluable life skills.

River of Life: Tells the story of our journey as an individual, a team or an organization. It is a real time, interactive event that reflects on lessons from the past, learnings from the present and dreams of the future.

United States Space and Rocket Center: Utilizes space and flight simulators to practice vital work-place skill sets, such as communication, crisis management, change management, situational leadership, resilience and decision making.

Outdoor Experiential Learning: Takes individuals and teams out of their zone of comfort, asking them to break through their perceived limitations by challenging their ingrained thinking and behaviors.

“Tell me and I will forget. Show me and I may remember. Involve me and I will understand.”- Confucius

My Philosophy

Self-awareness is at the very heart of my philosophy. It all begins there, with each individual coming to the realization that every thought, every act and every choice they make has seen and unseen consequences.

However, we often make choices in our lives that are not in our best interests. These choices can be driven by self-doubt, uncertainty, fear and misunderstanding and are often fueled by our ingrained beliefs and learned behaviors.

Challenging the thinking and behaviors that can impede our full un-realized potential is the key to individual and organizational performance.

Individual change and growth must precede organizational change and growth. That means individual change and growth at every level, from executive leaders to the shop floor.

A Call to Leadership:

If you are asking me, as an associate in your company, to commit to your vision, to work hard and long to achieve your goals; if you want me to be creative and innovative, loyal and committed; if you want me to wake up every morning wanting to come to work – then offer me more, much more, than just a pay check. Offer me learning, growth, challenge, support, trust and authenticity. Create an environment where I can express myself rather than have to prove myself – then I can reach my full potential.

In over 30 years of doing this work this is the call I hear, and for over 30 years I have been helping people from all walks of life, in all parts of the world, discover that elusive potential.

What Clients Say

"Excellence. He believes everything he's saying and creates an environment for the group that is safe to open up in and explore. It's not just a job, it's who he is and he doesn't just come across as caring, he actually does."
"Archie was exceptional. He is absolutely the perfect guy to lead a group towards interacting with one another and generating cohesiveness."
"Archie is a tremendous leader and inspiration. I'm so thankful that he was able to join our group for another session!"
"Instructor was great; knew the material and had an enthusiasm that was persuasive.  Topic and content very relevant."
"Archie Tew is the best facilitator I've even seen."
"Archie is a gifted communicator. He is able to get me where I need to be without telling me where to go."
"Brilliant. Archie is an awesome instructor. He really makes you comfortable so you can be yourself."
"Brilliant. Very honest, open and enriching."
"Archie's skills created a safe environment to open up and learn."
"Archie is an outstanding part of this program - I find his presentations inspiring!"
"Archie Tew was entertaining and enriching, a definite homerun."