Indoor Experiential Learning

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Tell me the outcomes you want for your business or organization and I will design a program specifically to meet them by utilizing a series of exercises, models and curriculum that have been developed over many years of successful implementation.

Be warned, these programs will energize the group, challenge the people and change your whole perception of how a company meeting “should be”!

Half-Day Events can focus on a specific issue, jump start a meeting, generate dialogue or enforce a learning point. Some experiential exercises can stand on their own as a foundation for reflection and dialogue, while other exercises can be utilized and supported by curriculum that engages the participants in a learning event.

Ferris Wheel is an example of a stand-alone half-day event. It is a complex, scalable organizational simulation that requires systems thinking, innovation, fast teaming, creative modeling and keen marketing skills. It is also very fun and a visual spectacle. This event is excellent for organizations that want to dramatically rethink their business and find ways to enroll associates in the creative problem solving process.

Ferris WheelC

One-Day Programs can stand on their own by focusing on issues specific to your organization or team, or they can be incorporated into a larger meeting: as a jump start event to energize the group, a vehicle to expand thinking or as a capstone to cement learning from the meeting.

Topics can include some, or all, of the following:

Embracing and managing change

Personal ownership and accountability

Creativity and innovation

Risk taking

Listening and communication skills

Leadership skills

Teaming skills

Trust, support and authenticity

Cultural change


Two-Day or More Programs can include visioning and strategic planning, learning breakouts, integration with client business objectives, ongoing energizers or a full blown cultural change and development program that includes some, or all, of the learning objectives listed above.

Workbooks, Materials, Graphic Facilitation and Film can bring meetings and programs to life by capturing the contents and experiences of an event. Hannah graphically records all the content of the meeting and can transfer all that content digitally or in hardcopy so the learning from the meeting is held in perpetuity.

Matt uses film to capture the entirety of the meeting and can create a digital compilation capturing the speeches and events, as well ongoing interviews with the participants that aligns with the overall theme of the program (see River Of Life).

We have the capability to design, create and deliver workbooks and materials to support the curriculum and learning objectives of any meeting.

The Maze

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Helium Sticks

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