The United States Space and Rocket Center

The United States Space and Rocket Center (USSRC) in Huntsville, Alabama, is an experiential learning laboratory with access to an outdoor High Challenge Course, Low Event Challenge Course, F16 flight simulators (Aviation Challenge), and Space Shuttle simulators. The new Davidson Center houses a complete Saturn 5 rocket surrounded by space and flight memorabilia from past space programs. This area is perfect for dinners, keynote speakers and celebratory events.

The USSRC is a unique and remarkable location for individual, team and organizational learning. I have an ongoing partnership with the USSRC in designing and delivering highly successful leadership programs for both the private and public sectors.

A Marriott Hotel is situated on the grounds and the USSRC staff provides full support with training rooms, training and catering.

Aviation Challenge

This is a fully immersive experiential event where participants learn to fly F16 simulators, join a squadron and- in conjunction with other squadrons – fly a mission against an unseen enemy.

The participants are fully supported by the staff at the USSRC and curriculum (custom designed to client outcomes) and debriefs  tie learning directly to workplace challenges and are woven into the event. Anomalies are thrown into the mix to add to the challenge.

This event works well for teams that need to work interdependently with each other.

Accommodates 15 to 30 people.

Learning includes: Team interdependence, personal accountability, communication skills, change management, crisis management, leadership skills, strategic planning, design and implementation.

Space Simulators

This is another fully immersive event where participants take roles as part of the shuttle crew, mission control and tiger teams. They are trained in these roles for the ultimate mission: to prevent a rogue spacecraft from obliterating San Francisco.

Participants are trained in their roles and encouraged to choose roles that challenge them for optimal growth and learning.

The mission can only be successful if participants not only work effectively within their own area of expertise, but also work interdependently with the other teams. Irregularities and change are constant and challenging factors in the event.

This is an excellent exercise for organizations that have associates working in departments or areas remote from each other and the head office.

Accommodates 15 to 50 people.

Learning includes: Communication skills, interdependence, crisis management, change management, interpersonal skills, resilience and leadership skills.

Aviation Challenge Archie Best